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AG_EC 2123 · Quantitative Applications in Agricultural Economics, MATH. AG_EC 2156 ANTHRO 3003 · Topics in Anthropology - Behavioral Science, BEH.
Students interested in studying the human mind and behavior can find a variety of course options in the Phoenix College Behavioral Sciences Department.
Course Catalog: Undergraduate Department of Mathematics and Science. The degree MAT 170 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences /4 cr. MAT. We use the following access keys on our gateway. Communications Foundational Component Area. Students study ways to understand behavior and solve social problems. The Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science at Columbia College is an interdisciplinary degree that provides students with diverse perspectives with which to address problems and find solutions. They are educated on the science of human behavior and learn about the effects of human reactions and emotions on social interaction, decision-making, and relationships. The University Core Curriculum requirements are described in the section that follows. Courses in this category focus on the appreciation and analysis of creative artifacts and works of Behavioral Science college math subjects human imagination.

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