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Bachelor of International and Global Studies (INGS) USYD Support Blog the essay was a rather large and time-consuming research task but that was a discussion of broader concepts and ideas related to the readings but not solely .. Global Culture and Society hosted by the Sociology and.
I am a Project Officer and Senior Research Associate at the Global Insecurities Centre My thesis considers the interplay between civil society and liberal/ illiberal . Sydney Ideas, University of Sydney, Australia, 22 September lecture.
Peace and conflict studies is a social science field that identifies and analyses violent and . The number of universities offering peace and conflict studies courses is The International Peace Research Association website gives one of the most (particularly critical international relations theory), Sociology, Psychology.

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This project focuses on the impacts of such food security policies on traditional notions of state sovereignty. His research deals with the ramifications of new Information and Communication Technologies ICTs for democracy, in particular the use of crowdsourced citizen reporting in election observation. He holds a Master of Social Research MSR from the ANU in research design and quantitative methods. Using the theoretical frameworks and academic literatures provided by International Relations theory, Political Theory and Political Sociology, this thesis aims at exploring the intricate relationships between Chinese state-owned agricultural firms present in the Horn of Africa and local stakeholders in Ethiopia and its border regions with Kenya and South Sudan. Over the years, he has worked as a consultant to diplomatic missions, Australian government departments and international organisations. Gabriele Abbondanza — Master of Arts by Research. Research Clusters Research Grants Book Publications Electoral Integrity Project.

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The thesis will investigate why nuclear weapons have proliferated in India and Pakistan. And how might they be fulfilled? His PhD research will perform an analysis of the contribution of online deliberation to policy-making. Her thesis will investigate the motivations, beliefs and perceptions surrounding the Indonesian elites' decision to promote Indonesia's soft power based on its democracy and economic achievements. In the perspective of defensive realism, his research analyses the rationale of China's shifting strategy in the disputed waters.