Developmental And Child Psychology the easiest majors

Unlike other majors in the social and natural sciences, psychology's broad is nothing more than “common sense” and therefore is an easy field to master. services, real estate, social work, child care, parole, and career counseling. . Courses in developmental psychology, including the psychology of.
Majors and degrees that are offered in the field of Psychology include Associate Degrees Psychology include Associate Degrees in Developmental and Child Psychology and Psychology. With The World's Easiest Scholarship Application.
I am torn between majoring in child development or psychology. at the school I attended, but typically child dev. is seen as an easy major).

Developmental And Child Psychology the easiest majors - the

So if you have to work before going to Grad school the Psych is as good as the CD. Welcome to College Confidential! Sign Up For Free. What should I tell my parents? Studying in the U. Welcome to the leading college-bound community on the Web! My goal is to become a professor.