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Marine biologists study organisms that live in an ocean or sea environment. that is supported by faculty who actively teach and research the subject they're interested in. Online Marine Biology Schools and Colleges: How to Choose.
Marine biologists are scientists who study marine, or saltwater, organisms. Some colleges and universities offer undergraduate degree programs in marine.
The right high school classes prepare students for marine biology college courses. Santa Cruz, high school students who wish to study marine biology at the college level should take precalculus, physics, chemistry and, of course, biology.

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I feel somewhere that I want to go for further studies in the field of Science Marine biology, Zoology. Is it a better idea to major in something more general like biology first, and then onto marine biology? It really depends what specific topic you would like to study… You will spend lots of time at sea with both of these careers. The same goes for video. Attending conferences and workshops in your discipline, visiting universities, museums, and research institutions, meeting experts in your subject area who could become your advisors later on and asking questions, being part of email list serves in your topic of interest are just some of the things to pursue. Seek advice and help in the academic world or through research institutions.

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The University of Tampa - Marine Science I am currently in my sophomore year of high school and was wondering what courses I should take to become a cetologist. I get excited speaking about aquatic life till the point where I hyperventilate. Please, continue to be so enthusiastic about nature and protecting Mother Earth. I want to get into Marine Biology so badly but fear that my student application will not be taken seriously because I do not have any coursework related to Marine Biology. That would be awesome.