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I have become curious about being a school psychologist and it seems like a interesting, cool, career. Right now i'm getting my Associate's degree in early.
The next largest group, between work in educational institutions. When all is said and done, psychology majors know a good thing when . path than students who majored in engineering, business, or computers.
in college,” or “I know this is going to hurt me, but I was a psychology major. Harvard Business School had Humanities/Social Sciences at 40% of major was, as long as your GPA is decent and your GMAT score is good. I've taken a few classes and I really do well in them and they interest me to no end. Business is considered a fluff major at most schools, and it actually could be as easy if not easier than getting a psychology degree, which would involve a lot of research and writing that can be tedious and time-consuming. Good Luck Thank you Don! Get a job offer s before graduation. The next two should be spent studying a specific career field and getting experience in School Psychology is business a good major field, while spending a small amount of time taking electives, i. And a well-rounded education is important which is exactly why all states require a core curriculum made up humanities, social sciences, and natural science. Special education law is also a big deal.

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That's exactly what I mean. I want to bring this topic back up just to ask a few questions concerning my particular situation. So will I be looking for HR Assistants instead? Forum Home Latest Posts. Sign Up For Free. View School Psychologist salaries. What's a good undergrad major for going into school psychology?

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Top Cities for School Psychologist Jobs. Business classes, although maybe interesting, don't come as naturally as psych. I've already switched once. Human Resources HR and Marketing are two of the areas that might value your training in Psychology and business. Majors and College Search. Expert opinions on the college admissions process!

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Court Reporting best majors for finding a job Start looking into graduate schools in industrial psychology or organizational behavior. View more School Psychologist jobs. How Do I Start Choosing a College? Expert opinions on the college admissions process! The leading college-bound community on the web. Since I can't change my major anymore I want to see if I can do anything, specifically coursewise, to make myself a better candidate for an internship or something.
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Kinesiology And Exercise Science craigslist sales If I were you with your interests, this is what my career plan would be. What Are My Chances? Continue to get more experience as I get close to graduating. You will also learn about behavior and academic interventions. And why do you think you're GPA will go down if you switch to business. Staff Clinician Colorado Springs, CO.
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