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Your college major is a pretty good indication of how smart you are The next source of data comes from a research paper I published with colleagues David . for the last seven or more decades, it will be extremely difficult to shift what our culture values We welcome your comments at ideas @stylelist.info.
Are you wondering what the hardest college majors are? Check this list of top 10 easiest and hardest college majors from all over the country.
While you may find a course easy to comprehend as a math major, However, there are courses that have a reputation across college.
Majoring in philosophy still gives you the opportunity to delve into religious studies and also provides you with a degree that is in much higher demand. Getting Tested For STDs. Similarly, if you hope to go to law school eventually, you can do so with a wide range of majors that won't pigeonhole you and limit your career opportunities. You would need a master's degree or higher to become an anthropologist. Careers at Her Campus. Sections Career Job Advice.

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Get Your First Credit Card. Danai Kadzere is a Human Evolutionary Biology Concentrator at Harvard College. History, Math, Art, Science, Literature, Philosophy - these are all men's studies as men invented them. First Week of College Guide College Packing List. We also examined recent online job postings seeking candidates with those majors, as well as long-term growth expectations for related occupations, to determine hiring demand in these fields.