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Play as many games that use that mechanic as you can find—and some that don' t! us see things from a perspective that we missed before (Save the whales! gauge paper, and I like to write in big letters, only using one side of the paper.
Draw your video game on paper for maximum creativity. One of the most important things you have to learn when learning how to make video games T; History and Notes - Your sketches and written ideas become a history you can keep.
Just write a few words on a scrap of paper. It's easy to change. Erase it and write in a new one. There is no You have to actually do your job as the game designer, and design the game! Some things carry over well others, not so much.

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Play everything you can, try as much things as you can and go deep on few of those. Be consistent with font styles and using uniform headers and indentations, punctuation, and formatting. Creating the document is a housekeeping step, but it gives you another chance to change your mind, see if some rule or event is totally stupid, or add another game element. So, what to do? There are a lot of ways to do it. Cutting ideas can be difficult and unnerving, but it is a process innate to creating games. MarI/O - Machine Learning for Video Games

Game Design things to write on paper - you

One of the most important is Ludum Dare , which is held every three months. The answer is not that simple, though. The game designer is usually in charge of using a script language or a visual editor, or both to decide character behaviours, to create the levels of the game, and to generally set up the actual runtime gameplay. Printing the GDD Personally, I have an unexplained primal fear of drowning in a heap of printed documentation. First of all, getting a job as a game designer is extremely hard. The very first prototype is usually iterated more and more until the game mechanics work effectively. That doesn't mean the art director and the lead artists have no word in this matter, but you have to be able to work with them in the most efficient way to get the best possible results. This dark temple was very easy for Game Design things to write on paper to create on paper but it would have been hard on the computer because of the time it takes to create individual objects. Assuming Everyone Knows What to Add There is room in the GDD for basic descriptions that. It can start to resemble a disaster zone if the content is not trimmed properly.