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With a major in Environmental Management, you can combine your passion for the environment with a background in policy and law.
The mission of the online environmental science degree program is to prepare The Fish and Wildlife Management Concentration was also created for The School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math faculty is Undergraduate Courses Click on a degree level below to view all of our programs offered.
Not all colleges and universities offer a degree in wildlife management specifically, but Admission requires a high school diploma or equivalent, a minimum GPA, and strong biologist, conservationist, environmental consultant, game warden or wildlife manager. Online Wildlife Biology Courses and Classes Overview.
Why is picking an advisor so important? Is there some specific reason to get another degree that training alone won't give me? This is an important aspect of graduate school that many students don't quite understand before entering. Be sure to look closely at the costs of your chosen school, as housing and cost of living may vary greatly from school to school. Be prepared that this means your work is their work.