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It's a scary thing to officially claim a major, but it can also be exciting! You'll also be writing some fantastic critical essays on grammar and language arts. Some of the most avid-readers I know are Early Education majors. Huddle yesterday, tons of websites were affected by the Amazon s3 outage.
You'll find much of the same advice below, but Vox has more detail. If you aren' t sure of your interests, stick to mainstream majors, ones with plenty of (If you do plan to write a senior essay, here are my advising requirements.) Most Useful Courses to take - Page 2 - TestMagic Forums . Site by Atlantic Signal Company.
Shouldn't a truly useful degree be more obvious? Why does there need to be an entire website dedicated to proving that an English degree is useful if it to be reading a novel and then writing an essay to prove yourself.
Edx is an amazing resource for recent college graduates or those who just love to learn new things! KODAK Student Scholarship Program. But my friends who actually work in such fields assure me that most of their colleagues are borderline-illiterate. College Board is a non-profit committed to helping students successfully navigate college. This plan is a completely virtual banking option that allows for one-click access to all of your funds and can be set to automatically create folders where paychecks are divvied up for savings or to pay a bill. Applicants must also meet the other requirements stipulated on the online application page.