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I am interested in research that answers important public health questions, such as how effective are vaccines at preventing illness and death. Time series.
Farmers markets are an effective way to promote healthy eating while benefitting the environment. Because locally grown food does not have to be packaged.
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Research has found that higher income and higher education are associated with increased fruit and vegetable consumption. A family is considered food secure if they have sufficient access to nutritionally adequate and safe food. Socioeconomic factors also play a role in diet quality. Although common sense says no, in the past school cafeteria nutrition guidelines have counted the tomato sauce on pizza as a serving of vegetables. There are also rare circumstances in which childhood obesity is caused by genetics and hormone imbalances. MHealth is short for Mobile Health. Centers and Outreach Center for Healthy Families. Factors that limit access and thus increase food insecurity include: inability to afford nutritious food, insufficient transportation to obtain nutritious food, and lack of knowledge about basic nutrition. Connect with UMD SPH. Retrieved from: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. MHealth is short for Mobile Health. With the percentage of overweight and obese Americans on the rise, the home is a wise place to start to encourage healthier lifestyles.