Medicine is accounting a good major for the future

Medicine is accounting a good major for the future

Most college students pursue a degree to land a job after graduation. make these particular fields of study good choices for jobs of the future.
Find helpful tips for pre- med college majors, as well as information and resources relating to other Explore careers and majors to prepare for your future Medical schools accept applicants of any major, provided that they've completed the . If your goal is to go to a good medical school, then you take a “pre- med course”.
Engineering majors earn top dollar, but students in other fields can also see a Computer science, nursing, engineering, psychology, biology, and accounting, the Fidelity report states. "Similar to physics, it's really good for salary growth overall. . Business Education Engineering Law Medicine Nursing. Accounting Major Pays Off, Literally!

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Heath educators work in hospitals, medical offices, non-profit organizations, government agencies, private businesses, and colleges. You major in whatever you want, and as long as you take the REQUIRED classes to get into medical school, you will do fine. You may also take basic business classes like accounting, IT, or statistics. Should I go for it or rethink the career I want to pursue? Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and Biochemistry are all very popular majors for med school applicants for a number of reasons and are well-received by medical school adcoms. Like all applicants, you need to convince them that you rally want a medical education.

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Urban Planning good subjects for emails to college kids Analysts also build and manage computer networks for companies to use in file-sharing and interoffice communication. Alyssa, It is unlikely that a medical school will dig very impressively into your high school record. Caitlin Stork, a first-year med student at the University of Michigan, offers some advice for pre-med college majors. Physician and Surgeon In addition to needing more medical doctors because of our growing population, the BLS reports that the need will be higher in the next decade to compensate for the higher-than-average number of doctors who will be retiring from the profession during this period. American job seekers have been anxious for some good news for a long time. Although an English degree can have a bad reputation as a go-nowhere piece of paper, the education you get will set you up for many opportunities, not just teaching English. A management information systems degree prepares students to combine business theories with computer technology, with the goal of creating real-world solutions to industry problems.
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In addition, the increasing use of video-relay services, which allow the hearing-impaired to conduct online video calls and use a sign language interpreter, is expected to increase the demand for sign language interpreters in the next few years. It doesn't have to be med school or bust. How this List was Compiled. Others have to do with the changing demographics of our country, as the large baby boom generation continues to age. Best of luck to you in the field of medicine and in your specialty of pediatric oncology. Software Developer Our demand for mobile apps, cloud computing, and new software programs seems to be insatiable, and, as a result, the position of software developer will continue to expand and grow in the next decade. Electrical engineers find careers in many large corporations throughout the country.