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As a graphic designer it is important to know the needs of clients and In the future I hope to graduate with a degree that will help me be successful in my career.
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This accounting teacher loved accounting—all the debits and credits and double entry journaling stuff made her excited. And I will never be stuck inside a dreary cubicle with an adding machine stuck to my fingertips. I rather lucked-into the career after moving to a small town in New Mexico, and finding Sun Art Advertising. Many Skills are needed in order to be a graphic designer. People poked fun and called me funny little names because I designed around every day things and put them into a different context.

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Found out I could make some cash designing local punk bands CD artwork. The entire concept was a commentary on the over-prescribing of drugs for those with every kind of mental disorder real or fabricated depending on your bias. Take out all of the "you" in your essay and replace the "you"'s with "one". Deadlines are extremely tight and puts pressure on the designer, but with the help an a little experience working hard and studying will give me a fair chance of success. Like other art careers being a designer its required that you have the talent and style as well as determination and commitment. Growing Your Freelance Business.