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The 10 Worst College Majors - the following represent the least valuable college majors for your time and financial 1: Anthropology And Archeology.
Archaeology majors must complete all requirements of the General College. Students must take one course in the logic of archaeological inference, two. Want to be an Archaeologist? Short film with help and advice. Biological and Environmental Sciences. Integrative Themes in Anthropology. Foreign Languages and Cultures. The curriculum generally includes instruction in archeological theory, field methods, dating methods, conservation and museum studies, cultural and physical evolution, and the study of specific selected past cultures. Note: See the WSU Catalog for degree requirements and talk with your academic advisor about planning and scheduling your courses. The core courses also include three electives of your choice. If you're concentrating in archaeology, you can use these electives to go deeper into the areas that interest you.

Archaeology what are the college majors - may

University research labs and museums offer the chance for paid employment and valuable hands-on experience in anthropological techniques. Effective written and oral communication skills. You can do field work as part of a faculty-led team at various sites in the western U. Students are welcomed in the University's anthropological research facilities. Zooarchaeology — identification and interpretation of animal bones from archaeology sites. Physical and Mathematical Sciences. All students must meet requirements as outlined in the catalog in order to graduate.

Archaeology what are the college majors - there estimates

Critical analysis of human behavior, organization, and development. Glenn Terrell Presidential Award. Econometrics and Quantitative Economics. Palynology — identification of pollens for reconstruction of past environments. The archeology major is a program that focuses on the systematic study of extinct societies and the past of living societies via the excavation, analysis, and interpretation of their artifactual, human, and associated remains. Free Sign Up or Login to launch quiz. All students must meet requirements as outlined in the catalog in order to graduate.