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Major: Philosophy. Philosophy dates back to ancient times when Confucius and Plato walked the earth. Yet it is very much alive today in such questions as.
Looking for the best colleges and universities offering majors in the Philosophy & Religious Studies field? These schools are ranked best in overall quality.
Outside of trying to get into the " best " or highest ranked school you nine supplemented their undergraduate work with master's degrees or. QS Best Student Cities. The department also regularly hosts lectures and symposia that serve as opportunities for guests, undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty to interact with each other. All of these events are great opportunities for philosophy degree students to dialogue with other students and faculty Philosophy best undergraduate degrees. Click here to join. The department consistently works to engage the public in philosophical thought through open events, such as lecture series and workshops. Despite these differences, both graduate and undergraduate students have many opportunities to get involved on and off campus.

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The Philosophy Department at Washington University in St. Read our advice on how to choose the right university for you. Students in this department enjoy not only excellent academics, but also many interesting extracurricular opportunities. However, it is heavily focused on Western philosophy and does not offer some of the more specialized or interdisciplinary courses available from other programs. Get detailed advice on applications, funding, careers and more with our free student guides! The undergraduate program is broad and includes an option for an Emphasis in Pre-Law.

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However, philosophy degrees arm you with an arsenal of skills which will serve you well in the world of work. The undergraduate philosophy degree program is primarily designed to be taken as a concentration or part of a larger program. View the latest results. QS World University Rankings by Subject. Of course, a gifted few can climb through the levels and become professional academics, but this is not necessarily something you should bank on. The graduate program may be too specific for students not interested in public policy, but those who are interested in this aspect of philosophy enjoy an excellent and thorough education. QS Best Student Cities.